Happy Birthday to YOU.

I miss your smile, your laugh, your friendship, your thoughtfulness, your spiritual leadership, your forgiveness, your companionship, your generosity, your drive, you being our safety net, you being the provider and our rock, you taking care of everything that I couldn't, your undying compliments, how you looked at me, how you loved me, thinking the same thoughts at the same time, you knowing my flaws, my fears, and my dreams.

I miss cooking for you, I miss you always cleaning up the kitchen, your tidiness. I miss you never calling me by my name, but always honey. I miss going to church with you and your faith. I miss you coming home for lunch. I miss you working in the yard for hours on end, picking up the tiniest sticks, your cactus garden you were so proud of. I miss watching you play squash. I miss you telling me I was beautiful when I had no makeup on and greasy hair. I miss hearing you talk about how passionate you were in your business. I miss you being the boss to all "your guys" and what a great mentor you were to so many. I miss watching you speak at work functions and all the wonderful places we traveled to. I miss going to weddings with you. I miss watching you dance. I miss hearing your voice in how you'd talk to complete stranger's babies and little children. I miss not having you here to enjoy all the traditions we had made for the holidays. I miss how great you were at blackjack on the boats in KC/Vegas and how you'd always share "half" of your never failing winnings with me (which was a lot!). I knew you actually would give me way more than "half". I miss hearing the excitement in your voice when it was time for your annual fishing trip with your brothers, childhood friends, and college buddies to Canada, that you never missed since you were 10 years old. I miss how I felt to see you again and your stories after not being able to talk or see you in over a week as your camp was so remote. I miss hearing your stories about our engagement in the Greek islands, our incredible dream wedding, our honeymoon in Italy, and the births of our 3 sons. I even miss how you meticulously you'd load and unloaded the dishwasher, how you'd take all the dishes out and reload the "right" way, if I put the dishes in first. I loved how you treated the CEO of a company no different than the garbage man. I miss your impeccable manners and how you'd always stand when I got up from a table at a restaurant, and again when I'd return. I miss you always opening the car door for me and how you'd spend hours detailing my car inside and out, even with all the kid's french fries in it. I miss you always trying to better yourself to the best version of you that you could be. I miss hearing you read to our kids. I miss your humbleness, your unpretentious and small town values. I miss your intelligence. I miss you helping me make our bed every morning. I miss you driving us to places where we need to be, and picking us up. I miss our family vacations and our romantic getaways, you smoking cigars, the way you'd help when we'd entertain in our dream home that we built together. I miss you praying. I miss you being able to read your daily devotional. I miss you being here to zip up my dresses when I can't reach the zipper, buttons on the back of my blouses, fastening my bracelets. I miss sitting on your lap. I miss our date nights. I miss our no tv nights, only reading books together nights. I miss our vocabulary quizzes. I miss going to our favorite restaurant together. I miss you being a leader not a follower. I miss the funny things you'd do with our kids. I miss how proud you were of our family. I miss us being a team. I miss you telling me all the time to never love anything unless it can love you back. I miss seeing the look in your eyes and how you'd light up when you talked about the one person in your life that you admired and loved the most, your Dad. I miss hearing your stories about how your older brother Jeff was your biggest protector growing up and how he always included you with his activities and friends, even though you were the youngest of the 4 siblings. The love you had for your older brothers, how highly you talked about them. How highly you talked of everyone. You were never negative, always cheerful, you saw the good or would find the good in every single person you knew or would meet. I miss hearing of what a dedicated and talented National and State Championship wrestler you were. Your scholarships you earned and how you were inducted into your High School and College Hall of Fame for your success. I'm thankful for the many pictures that your parents took at all your matches so the boys can always look at them. They are so proud to have you as their Daddy. I miss hearing your version of how we met for the first time in an elevator! I miss you allowing me to be me and still loving me unconditionally. I miss our runs, bike rides, going to the gym together. I miss your support. I miss our family time. I miss you being here to put up our Christmas tree while discussing each of our sentimental ornaments. I miss you hanging out in your man cave. I miss watching you build a fire in our fireplace. I miss your salmon on the grill. I miss you walking in the door always with a kiss. I miss your surprises. I miss making memories with you.

Your stories are embedded in my mind, which I'm so thankful for but even more blessed, and grateful for the fairy-tale life you provided for myself and our boys. I can hear your exact words, voice, and laughter. There are so many more things I could add to this list. It's ongoing. But MOST of all, I miss seeing you be a Daddy, and I really miss having you by my side during and in all times.

We love you honey and I hope on your birthday, you will somehow, even for a minute, you could remember all this that I'm writing to you. I hope on your birthday you know how much you are missed and loved. Thank you for giving us the best life that is possible. You were a wonderful and one of a kind man that we were so blessed by. I miss you more than I ever thought was possible. I day dream what it would be like to have you back, even if it were for just one day.

Angelia Aalsburg Bouslog

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