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Drinking coffee could help keep Alzheimer's disease at bay by nearly halving levels of a protein thought to cause the disease, claim scientists.  The findings could give hope of “new treatment” for thousands with the devastating brain disease.

In a study on mice, there was evidence that the caffeine in coffee can affect the formation of destructive deposits of the protein. The “positive” results suggested it can stop deposits forming or help the brain clear them.

Caffeine helps the process by being quickly absorbed in the bloodstream and boosting brain activity. Lead researcher Dr Abhishek Mohan, of Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia, US, told the Journal of Caffeine Research the findings pointed “to new treatment in humans”


As seen on Daily News


Pamela Doherty:

Great post. Walked my mother, my brother and I throughout her 10 yrs of dementia. Slept with her in bed, prayed, forgave and felt her last heartbeat. She knew I was there. Final words: I love you Pammy. Had not uttered a word in days. Forever thankful. No regrets. Guess I’m not the black sheep after all ?

Apr 15, 2015

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