You’re going to get mad. You’re going to lose patience. You’ll feel like quitting and walking out. You’ll get hurt feelings. You’ll doubt you are doing any good at all.

All those emotions and feelings are real and will happen to you at some point in your caregiving journey. Don’t beat yourself up over feeling this way. You’re not alone. Anyone who has ever been a caregiver has felt this way time and time again.

You’re human. One day you’re Superman or Wonder Woman and then the next day you identify more with Eeyore. It’s okay. This journey is one day at a time and each day will bring new challenges. Don’t give up. You are needed and so very important to your loved one.

Be willing and able to let others know that you need help…or even a break. A little “me time” can go a long way to keeping you refreshed. If you don’t have a strong family support network, be courageous enough to confide in a friend that you need them…even if only for a few hours. Most are more than happy to help. Wouldn’t you be willing to help if your friend needed you?

Don’t feel like you should have it all together. Don’t feel guilty when you have those days where you feel less than competent. Fatigue, stress, concern…all these things suck our energy. Find ways that you can refresh.

The nice thing is…even if you feel like you were particularly ineffective one day – your loved will probably have forgotten all about it the next. You can find blessing and redemption in that.


  1. You’re human
  2. You won’t always be proud of your reactions
  3. Don’t beat yourself up
  4. Forgive yourself
  5. Find “me time”
  6. Ask for help
  7. Each day is its own
  8. Keep on keeping on
  9. Focus on the little blessings
  10. You are important!

Leah Bartelt

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