Executive Committee


Caitlin Johnston

Executive Director

Caitlin Johnston is the Executive Director of The Purple Elephant Campaign. With more than six years of experience in the healthcare sector, Caitlin has proven leadership in community development, community outreach and the development of program design and innovation for the aging population. She believes in integrated program services and products that support healthy living and memory care.

She is an advocate and speaker for Alzheimer’s Disease and continues to build her knowledge on the latest memory care research and advances across the globe. Caitlin believes that the healthcare industry needs to work in collaboration with independent organizations to develop various innovative products and services to aid memory care as well as, an accessible networking community for the general public to communicate and speak on mental health concerns.

Caitlin also founded Memory Mats, a company that produces products which provide residents in long-term care a personalized reminiscence tool. Endorsed by Alzheimer’s Disease International, Caitlin works hand in hand with their organization to create a better future for those affected by Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers.

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    Aras Azadian MBA, Ba. Econ

    Vice President of Corporate Development and Operations

    Aras Azadian is a Corporate Development professional and consultant in a range of industries including life sciences. Aras is the current Director of Corporate Development at Ophuichus Consulting Group Inc. He is also leading the international business development and acting as a board advisor for Panacea Global Inc, which has commercialized and early Cancer diagnostics technology. Currently the Vice President of Operations and board member of the Purple Elephant Campaign, which is an not-for-profit organization that develops innovative products for those affected by Alzheimer's disease. Aras is also the managing director and partner of Barsa Taberna, which is new modern Tapas restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto. Aras Azadian has a bachelor’s degree in economics from York University in Toronto and an Msc in Management from EADA Business School in Barcelona.


      Arvin Sheivari

      Vice President of Planning and Marketing

      Arvin is a strategic multi-disciplinary designer and a marketing consultant in a range of industries. Arvin is also a Principal at Ophiuchus Consulting Group and at the Purple Elephant Campaign where he acts as the V.P. of Marketing and Planning. Arvin has been involved in the marketing launch of products and businesses in a range of industries including life sciences (Panacea Global), hospitality and other industrial and consumer goods. Arvin has a degree from York University and a marketing certificate from Seneca College.


        Jennifer Moniz

        Vice President of PR and Community Affairs

        With more than a decade of experience in the long-term care industry, Jennifer has found her passion in working with seniors with advanced Alzheimer's. At a young age, Jennifer studied globally to learn innovative methods for providing meaningful care to those affected by Alzheimer's disease. On home soil, she continued her education determined to grow her knowledge and understanding of all the challenges faced for not only the patients but their caregivers as well. Jennifer works closely with the Community Care Access Center (CCAC) and LHINS to provide quality of life to those entering the long-term care sector.

          Board Members


          Dr. Khalil Ramal, PhD

          Canadian Politician and Board Advisor

          Dr. Kahlil Ramal is a Canadian politician and Board Advisor to Panacea Global, where his focus is on business development in North Africa and the Middle East. Khalil Ramal was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, representing the riding of London-Fanshawe for the Ontario Liberal party. He is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Dr. Ramal is a Ph.D in social politics and has extensive experience in teaching, journalism, counseling and finance.

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            Maggie Ghorbani, RN

            Senior Case Manager

            Maggie is a senior case manager at the CCAC for the past 12 years and has extensive experience dealing with the aging population. She is a registered Nurse and a professor of Nursing, though she is more involved with the community and specifically the aging population. Maggie is well celebrated within the long-term care and medical community for her community involvement, specifically for the multicultural and immigrant patients.


              Dr. Alexis Mavrommatis, PhD

              Professor of Marketing, EADA School of Business

              Dr. Alexis Mavrommatis is a University of Cambridge (Sustainable Leadership) and Harvard Business School executive graduate with an additional PhD, and MSc in Retail Management from the University of Stirling.

              Dr. Mavrommatis worked for Carrefour and as a senior consultant for JDV The Retail Company, developing innovative store concepts for retailers and manufacturers (Carrefour, P & G, Coca-Cola, Masterfoods, Eroski).

              Dr. Mavrommatis currently teaches and researches in the areas of Marketing, Retailing Multichannel strategies, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship. He has been invited to more than 70 professional and academic conferences and was ranked 33rd Business Professor in 2012, according to The Economist. His latest academic publication is in the “European Journal of Marketing” regarding decision making on product elimination.


                Dr. Saeid Babaei, PhD, MBA

                President and CEO

                Dr. Babaei is currently the President and CEO at AbCelex Technologies, a Canadian biotechnology company specializing in discovery, development and commercialization of innovative technologies for animal health and food safety applications.

                Dr. Babaei’s track record includes over 16 years of academic and corporate experience, during which he has negotiated numerous strategic alliances and licensing deals. Prior to AbCelex, he was the VP of business development at Lorus Therapeutics and Director, corporate development at Northern Therapeutics, where he negotiated and executed a variety of key international transactions. Dr. Babaei has served as President of AngioCell, providing partnering support and advice to a range of clients on licensing, M&A, pipeline valuation, strategic planning and project financing.

                Dr. Babaei holds a PhD and an executive MBA, both from the University of Toronto. He has authored over 50 publications, including research papers, conference presentations and patents. He currently serves as advisor and member of Board of Directors for a number of non-profit and commercial organizations.


                  Dr. Yuri Lawryshyn, PhD, MBA

                  Yuri Lawryshyn completed a Ph.D. degree in engineering at the University of Toronto specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), an MBA degree at the Richard Ivey Business School (UWO) and a Financial Engineering diploma at the Schulich School of Business. He has worked in a number of industries in research and development, management, marketing and strategy. In 2007, he joined the faculty of Engineering at University of Toronto, specializing in applying financial engineering principles for the valuation of real assets/projects, with specific emphasis in the development of practical approaches to real options.