“We stand united in support of our communities, to conquer Alzheimer’s by educating and providing awareness on a global scale. We empower young people, encouraging social change and support. We’re in this together.”

Our Vision

A world where Alzheimer’s is but a distant memory.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and reduce the stigma of Alzheimer’s among young people worldwide;
To provide in-home caregiving relief to individuals and families whose lives have been impacted while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s;
To reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by providing education and promoting brain health;
To empower young people through social change and support for Alzheimer’s.

Our Values

Passion to be a powerful and inspiring force in all we do

Innovation promoted in the workplace and our communities to inspire creativity and create value

Commitment to take action and empower young people to be agents of change

Engagement of young people through social networks to build our Purple Tribe worldwide

Our Logo

We choose to create symbol that anyone young or old from around the world can recognize. Elephants are known to never forget, purple is the most recognized colour per population for Alzheimer's, and we added a small forget me knot around the elephant's trunk.

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