Why We Fight

Those were the first words my brother spoke after my mom broke the news: our dad had Alzheimer’s Disease. My brother was 7 at the time, and I was 9, and we were sitting on the couch on either side of my dad, who was only 36. He was our best friend, our hero, and now he was sick. Surely we were going to be able to make him better, right?

World Alzheimer's Day

Each year, on September 21, the world joins hands with these caregivers, family members, and – most importantly – those living with the disease and reminds them of one important fact: even when the odds seem stacked impossibly high against them, threatening to topple over at any moment and crush them, they are not alone. The world is here, and the world is ready to fight with you. Together, we can beat this thing.

At 21 Years Old Alzheimer's Has Already Significantly Impacted My Life

I don’t have Alzheimer’s, and I’m not directly a caregiver for someone who does have it, however, Alzheimer's is something that runs in my family. In the 21 years of me being alive, I have seen this disease affect 6 of my family members. Three of the six have passed away, and the other three are in all different stages of this disease.

Super Hero Today, Eeyore Tomorrow

You’re human. One day you’re Superman or Wonder Woman and then the next day you identify more with Eeyore. It’s okay. This journey is one day at a time and each day will bring new challenges. Don’t give up. You are needed and so very important to your loved one.

Dear Alzheimer's

Although you affect about 4.5 million Americans, cause confusion, rambling speech, anger, memory loss, and several other symptoms, I am not afraid of you. Although you have affected several of my family members and will continue to, I am not afraid of you. Although you cause many caregivers and family members, including myself, to feel scared, sorrow, anger, and remorse, I am not afraid of you.

Daddy Has A New Girlfriend

There is an issue that few like to think about when caring for a loved one, especially a spouse,who has been placed in 24 hour nursing care. It’s an issue that most realize can happen, but subconsciously deny happening with their loved one; romance in the memory care unit.

Cassandra Jones Caregiver Story

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned. When I was in my mid-late 20’s, my mom started having some personality and behavior changes. My mom and I had always had a close relationship; she took care of me when I was pregnant and sick with my first baby and she was the type of mom who was always there to lend a listening ear and advice when I needed it.

Young Caregivers Read Letters To Their Parents With Alzheimer’s

The amazingly talented Kath Fudurich (Head of Community Outreach at Memory Ball) filmed Memory Ball caregivers Claire Poirier, Katie Johns and Kath’s own twin brother, Jamie Fudurich reading letters to their parents with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Claire, Katie and Jamie were all in their teens when their respective parents were diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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